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Award-Winning Breach Prevention

Congratulations to the Alexio team for winning their category again this year at the
2022 Infosec Awards - RSA Conference in San Francisco June 6, 2022

“Alexio embodies three major features we judges look for to become winners: understanding tomorrow’s threats, today, 

providing a cost-effective solution and innovating in unexpected ways that can 

help mitigate cyber risk and get one step ahead of the next breach.”

Gary S. Miliefsky

Pulbisher of Cyber Defense Magazine

We're Canada's trusted experts
and here's how we help

Feeling Unsecure? You're Not Alone.

In a recent survey 47% of small businesses said they have no idea how to protect themselves from cyberattacks. 

Our own data shows that IT providers aren’t necessarily keeping up either. 93% of the dental & medical offices fail NIST cybersecurity risk assessments (Alexio internal data 2015 – 2021)

Cyberattacks are coming at healthcare practices every day. If your dental or medical practice is a victim of ransomware, breaches, or hacking, there are enormous costs to recover, loss of revenue, damage to your business reputation, and maybe even lawsuits. The Canadian Dental Association puts the cost per record at $168 per record if you have a breachCalculate your own cost here.

Alexio specializes in protecting you from these risks. We use award-winning technology and certified experts to keep your practice safe. Get help with computer security, ransomware protection,  backup and disaster recovery, security awareness training, and compliance.

Our Global Awards

3x Winner for Heathcare Practice Cybersecurity

As Seen In

We're Different. Here's Why.

Leading Technology

Alexio uses global leading in security automation for the protection of computers and computer users. Alexio Defender with RANSOMguard specialized technology has won global awards.

Canada's Experts

We are experienced Cerified professionals who partner with you to ensure your systems and people are working in a way that continuously protects your data.

Continuous Security

With over 50 extra safeguards, Alexio offers a multi-layered approach to security. We go well beyond, using machine learning and automation to help secure your systems continuously.

Security Reporting

The Alexio team believes that if you can't report on it, it's not reliable. Alexio provides daily proof that security measures are in place, and can alert when things aren't right.

Employee Training

Alexio founded Canada's first online security awareness training for dentists. Get training for your team, managers, and IT providers who support you.

Peace of Mind

Alexio is Canalda's leader in small business cybersecurity management and training. We have award-winning technology and award-winning experts.

We Specialize in Dental, Medical,
and other Healthcare Businesses


Medical/Community Health

Privacy compliance and protection from cyber-threats is paramount in all healthcare clinics. 

We’re certified professionals here to protect you.


Dental Practices

Privacy compliance and protection from cyber-threats is paramount in dentistry.  

We’re certified professionals here to protect you.


App Developers

Privacy & cybersecurity are paramount, and must be built-in from the begininng. 

We’re certified professionals here to protect you.

Award-winning Technology. Award-winning Experts.

Get help from multi-certified experienced experts for ransomware protection, backup, disaster planning, training, and more. 

We Find & Fix Your Security Gaps

Learn About Threats

Our friendly experts will work with you to identify specific cybersecurity threats to your healthcare practice and teach you how to protect your data.

Get a Plan in Place

We work with you to design and implement an affordable easy plan to help bulletproof your practice from inside and outside threats. 

Bulletproof Your Team

Human error is still the number one cause of  breaches, hacking, and data theft. We offer an affordable array of training options to secure your team.

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