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Anne Genge CIPP/C, CHCSP – No geek speak. Everyday stories taught in everyday language.

Anne's Mission

Helping Everyone Protect Personal Data Through Story Telling

Anne Genge has been helping healthcare practice owners like dentists and physicians for most of her career. Privacy and cybersecurity has evolved dramatically over the years and has now become one of the biggest business challenges of the 21st century. In the highly regulated healthcare industry, there are big challenges with compliance, risk, protection from dowmtime, and having the budget to handle it. Anne is your expert, and she does all this for small businesses too.

Everyone is a patient, client, or customer in many different places and our personal information is now everywhere. We all work with technology and need to know how to protect ourselves online. 

I’m on a mission to ensure everyone working with digital devices knows how to defend their own data and the data they use in their workplace.”

In 2021 Anne launched myla Training Co.  Canada’s first Healthcare Cybersecurity Training website.

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Not only did she know her stuff, she's hilarious. Would definately recommend Anne as a trainer.
Kendra Snelman
Anne is very knowledgeable and explains things in a very easy, non threatening manner.
Suham Alexander
I like how she tells stories to help explain things. My IT guy speaks in another language but Anne helps me understand it all.
Greg Pertroui
Anne Genge is an expert in her field, offers a high level of security and shares information in layman's terms.
Denise Summers

Experienced & Certified

Anne Genge is a Certified Privacy & Security Professional with a specialization in Healthcare Practices and Small Business

On July 28, 2021 Anne was awarded a prestigious spot in Canada’s Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity. Anne has dedicated her career to helping healthcare practice and small business owners understand technology, how to leverage it, and more importantly, how to do it safely. Over her 20+ years as an educator and tech innovator she has earned global awards for her efforts. 

Anne keeps the client as her ‘true north’ in how she creates affordable and effective tools and training for privacy & data security. Anne is on a mission to help everyone understand online threats and be able to defend themselves at home and at work when using technology.

Innovator & Educator

Over the years Anne has won many awards for her work in privacy and cybersecurity. She leads Alexio Corporation, itself an award-winning cybersecurity and IT firm. Her awards include being named 2020 Global Infosec Most Innovative Woman in Cybersecurity. She and her co-founder Stephen Genge have been recognized as leaders in Automated Computer Security and Security Education.

Anne Genge accepts the award for “Best New Business- Top 2” at the 2019 CanadianSME National Business Awards.

Business Leader

Anne has recently been featured as one of Canada’s most inspiring women entrepreneurs & business leaders by CanadianSME Magazine.

Although Anne spends most days showing business owners how to use privacy & security as a competitive advantage, her own journey as an entrepreneur is inspiring as well.

Listen to Anne on StartUp Canada’s Podcast

Additionally, Women of Influence featured Anne as a ‘Woman to Watch’ in June 2021

Community Supporter

Under normal circumstances Anne teaches privacy and security live at Alexio Corporation headquarters – IBM Canada, and at associations and organized meetings and events. 

Covid has changed the in-person meetings, but Anne still wows her clients and students with engaging, fun content over Zoom, or via the Virtual Health Privacy Summit she co-founded in 2019.

You Deserve to Know How to Defend Your Data


Anne’s passion is teaching and it shows in how people respond in her evaluations. She consistently scores high in the 3 most important categories. Book Anne for your next event. Everyone needs to learn about how to stay safer in a digital world.

Anne Knows Her Subject Matter
Anne is Understandable
Anne Makes Learning Fun
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