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Are You Guilty of ‘Sharenting’?

What Kids Want Parents to Know About Oversharing on Social Media What is ‘sharenting’? Sharenting (or over-sharenting) is the overuse of social media by parents to share content based on their children, such as baby pictures or details of their children’s activities. It is related to the concept of “too much information” (TMI). It’s Dangerous – …

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Dear Dentists: Hackers Love You.

It’s not ‘just teeth’…you’re a target for many other reasons. Even if you DON’T keep up with the headline news, you may have heard about some of the massive ransomware attacks recently. Last month over 400+ dental practices were paralyzed by ransomware for days. Some dental practices lost data, and there have been health insurers, …

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3 Crucial Pieces of Data You Don’t Want Exposed.

There are 3 crucial pieces of personal data you don’t want exposed. We give our data far too freely…without questioning or verifying if it’s necessary, or even legal for the business or organization to collect it. We also often have no way of knowing if the business or organization requesting it has the means of …

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