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Guarding Patient Data: How Cybersecurity Training Strengthens Dental Practices

As technology continues to transform the dental industry, practices have become more reliant on digital platforms for tasks like scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, and processing payments. While these advancements have streamlined operations, they have also opened the door to potential cyber threats, making cybersecurity awareness an integral aspect of every dental practice.

Better Breach Prevention For Dentists

Dentists are leaders in digital transformation. They were early adopters of technology, using it to efficiently grow their practices. They gained better diagnostics, more treatment planning capacities, a slicker booking process, and better patient management and patient experience, ultimately making it easier to be competitive and profitable.

Is Your Healthcare Practice Spending Enough on Cybersecurity?

When building the budget for your healthcare practice, you may be tempted to look for areas where you can cut corners.

You might think of Cybersecurity as somewhere you can scrimp and save a little because “it’s not likely to affect me” or “it won’t be visible from the outside if I don’t spend as much in this area”, as opposed to physical security measures, which are much more visible in the forms of security cameras and alarm systems.

Why You Should Care About Cyber Security In Your Dental Practice

When you think of data security breaches, what comes to mind?

Probably breaches for major retail stores, such as the one which plagued TJX in 2007.

Or perhaps one of many times Yahoo’s email services were hacked,

There are countless other examples, which just goes to show the fact that data breaches – whether due to poor security protocols or persistent hackers – are on the rise.

As a dental care provider who is likely keeping patient records digitally, this is something you need to be concerned about.

As a provider who keeps records of patients’ personal, private, medical information, you could become a target for cybercriminals.

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