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Anne Genge, CEO Alexio Corporation

“Over 90% of successful breaches are due to human error. This could be our staff, IT providers, 3rd parties, or even practice owners. It’s clear we need more cyber-awareness.

We are all patients somewhere and we all deserve to have our sensitive health information protected. Smaller healthcare practices need access to reliable affordable security solutions and cyber-awareness training. Our mission is ensure everyone gets it.”

Anne Genge CEO, Alexio Corporation

  • Infographics
  • Micro-training manual
  • Weekly cyber-security micro-training (10 weeks)

Cyber-Security Essentials E-book

20 micro-learning topics and strategies to keep patient & practice data safe.


90% of successful breaches are due to human error. Learn defensive strategies with or weekly micro-training.

Poster-Style Infographics

Quick tips presented in a fun way to help keep everyone stay safer when using email and the internet.

What’s motivating healthcare hackers?

This is a very ‘eye-opening’ 8 minute video that every dental, medical, or other healthcare workers need to watch

Deep Dive: 

The second video of a 4-part series on healthcare cybersecurity explores what’s driving cyber criminals to attack healthcare systems, as well as the specific prizes they are targeting. 

September 23, 2019, 06:21 AM

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