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  • Compliance with privacy laws
  • Satisfy cyber insurance requirements
  • Protect your business from breaches

Dental, Medical, & Other Healthcare Practices

Compliance and new insurance requirements have made it more important than ever to make sure you have proper cybersecurity policies, procedures, training, and disaster plans in place.

But how do you do it all when there’s so little time and resources?

Alexio is a name you know and trust. They’re also the winner of this year’s Global Cyber Defense Award for Next-Gen Cybersecurity Training & Management.

With the Alexio Essentials program its easy to get your policies, procedures, disaster and incident reporting plans, training, and dark web breach monitoring all in one program.

Build your program quickly and easily with the program toolkit


  • Security policies & procedures 
  • Disaster planning 
  • Incident management plans
  • Breach response plan


  • Annual certificate course (renews with new content each year)
  • Weekly mico-training & testing (sent via email)
  • Monthly security awareness newsletter & infographics

Risk Monitoring

  • Tracks employee risk
  • Monitors dark web for email breaches
  • Tracks employee engagement


  • Provincial & Federal laws & guidelines
  • Professional College requirements 
  • Insurance requirements/standards

See how easy it is by watching the demo.

I’ve spent most of my career helping healthcare practice owners and small businesses with data security. They almost always know it needs to happen but they don’t know where to start. We needed to remove the barriers. That’s why the Alexio Essentials Cybersecurity Program exists.

Cybersecurity needs to happen whenever data is collected, used, shared, or stored. You can’t just say ‘I can’t afford to do it’.  Small business owners need easy affordable solutions to ensure their client, customer, or patient data is  protected. There needs to be security on the systems, but also through the people working with the data. They need rules and continuous training to keep up with trending cyber-threats.

Anne Genge

Director of Privacy & Cybersecurity Education

Getting Started is Easy

Set Your

Get all your policies in place using our easy templates and get staff buy-in. Our easy system organizes and enables tracking of policy acknowledgement.

Automated Training Starts

The easy weekly bite-sized micro training continuously trains and tests your team on cyber-threats, scams, and online risks. This keeps data security front and centre.

Maintain Compliance

All proof of training, policies, procedures, and incident management plans are stored in a centralized portal making it easy be compliant and prove it should you have a breach.  

What's Included?

Frequently asked questions

Is this program something I can do myself or do I need help?

The Alexio Essentials Program is designed to be DIY. Once you purchase the program you will get a one on one professional onboarding so that you can navigate your portal. The most common templates are in the portal and you can simply edit them in Microsoft Word to make them your own. The rest of the program is automated. We do offer a ‘done-for-you’ program if this is better for your business.

How long does it take to get up and running ?

The Alexio Essentials Program takes about one hour to onboard together with one of our specialists, and then approximately 60-90 minutes to read and edit your policies.

What kind of help is avalable ?

We provide expert support. We offer hourly or project based consulting utilizing our team of certified privacy & security professionals

Do I need my IT provider to be involved in the process ?

The Alexio Essentials Program is designed for managers, business or healthcare practice owners to be able to do it themselves. However, once completed, it is recommended that you have your IT provider read and sign your policies so that they too are compelled to adhere to them.

Is this program mandatory by law?

Most federal, provincial, and other regulatory bodies call for organizations to have all of the key elements of this program in place. Furthermore, you may find there are many new requirements for your insurance coverage, as cyber incidents like ransomware have spiked over the past few years.

How much does the Alexio Essentials cybersecurity program cost?

Most small businesses and healthcare practices can get this program for about $140 per month.

Do we need training beyond the Alexio program ?

Between the foundations course, the weekly micro-training, and the monthly newsletters, your team members will have access to trending information about scams, threats, and how to avoid them. Alexio does offer manager, owner, and IT professional training to support higher levels of learning and skills for management. Check out Alexio CyberSchool, or request a meeting to discuss.

Start Managing Risk Today

Sign up and get started today – For More than 20 team members, please contact us for a quote

For Healthcare Practices and Small Business

Alexio Essentials Training & Security Management - Up to 20 Users
$ 1699
99 Per Year*
  • *Paid Annually - Monthly Pricing Available
  • Up to 20 User Accounts (can add more - ask for pricing)
  • Custom Branded Training Portal
  • Annual Foundations Training
  • Weekly Micro-training via Email
  • Dark-Web Breach Monitoring
  • Policy & Procedure Templates
  • Monthly Security Newsletter
  • Comprehension Test
  • Printable Certificate
  • Proof of Compliance (where applicable)
  • Risk Management Dashboard
  • Disaster Planning Templates
  • Secure Document Portal

All plans renew annually and deliver fresh up-to-date content

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