Recover From Disasters in Minutes With 2nd Server™

Affordable Failover Server Protection

Dental & Medical Practices Need ZERO downtime.

Ransomware and other viruses are now a daily threat to healthcare practices. Even though there are layers of security controls we can put in place – and training programs to address the human factor – things could still slip through. 

One click on a phishing email by an uninformed employee and you could be facing a locked-down system. Or – what if your server crashes, or a fire, theft or flood? 

With Alexio, your practice has access to a failover server, giving you a solid disaster plan that allows you to keep working virtually, no matter what hits your network. This is accomplished using virtualization, which is now available – and affordable – for dental and medical practices.

“without data most businesses are nothing - and 58% still have inadequate backup.”


Downtime? No Way!

If you’re a healthcare practice with your own local server, you need 2nd Server.

Alexio 2nd server is not just a standard backup of your system. It is a complete failover protection to ensure that your office is back up and running in minutes, instead of days, following virtually any disaster.

We achieve this business continuity using the power of virtualization. Alexio™ 2nd Server has been specifically designed for dental & medical practices, ensuring the most affordable way to ensure business continuity.

How does Alexio™ 2nd Server Compare to Traditional Backup?

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