Can you or someone in your office plug in a power cord and a blue wire? If the answer is yes, you can save hundreds of dollars and dramatically reduce downtime from computer problems.

With the help of 2 award-winning Alexio technologies, we can empower you and your team to be self-sufficient and dramatically increase the security of your computer systems.

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How a Dentist Does His Own IT

With the help of Alexio Defender.

With the help of automation, be secure, compliant and reduce expense

Alexio Defender is known as a computer security solution but did you know it also automates routine maintenance? In fact, Alexio Defender keeps systems up-to-date continuously, reducing costly human labour by up to 96%.

When you need help we're here for you

With daily maintenance handle by the Alexio robot, there’s just emergencies to deal with, however we can for 97% of those remotely, giving you peace of mind that you don’t have to suffer through downtime.


Contactless IT Support

Alexio InSight is cutting edge remote support technology. Alexio InSight allows technicians to see beyond your desktop computer, helping you fix things using cell phone camera to allow enhanced remote IT support. You’ll get fixed faster, save money, and in many cases, learn how to fix it yourself next time!

We believe in coaching & support

Let us help you find the champion in your office and start saving money today!

Start solving 97% of your computer problems yourself. Every office has a champion. They don’t need to know everything, they just need confidence to try. We will work with your team to strengthen the ability to fix daily issues, and most importantly, be secure.

And when you do need more help, you’ll get support from a friendly team with the following array of credentials:

  • CompTia A+ Certified
  • CompTia Network+ Certified
  • CompTia Security+
  • Certified HIPAA Compliance Officer Professional (CHSP)
  • Certified PCI-DSS Payment Card Security Professional (CPCIP)
  • Certified Healthcare Cybersecurity Officer Professional (CHCSP)
  • Certified Healthcare Risk Assessment Specialist (CHRASP)
  • Certified HIPAA Disaster Recovery Professional (CHDRP)

We're Canada's Award-Winning Small Business IT & Cybersecurity Company

“It Takes 20 Years to Build a Reputation.”


Why We Are The Best

Today’s businesses need flawless work-flow and solid data protection to secure and grow their investment. Breaches, hacking, viruses, and human error are not just disruptive money wasters, they can mean total annihilation if a cyber-attacker is successful. Alexio provides a cybersecurity manager for every business account, even those with just one person.  This means you get continuous protection and support from Canada’s award-winning team.


Explore What We Are Doing Better

No business should be running without a cybersecurity program period. If you collect and use customer data, you need to protect it. That’s why Alexio ensures every business has a solid secure foundation and great work-flow to grow the business.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our mission is to help every business run smoothly, grow, and stay safe for threats like breaches, ransomware, and system failures. With Alexio Defender award-winning technology, and our friendly experienced professionals, you’re in great hands.


We find out your pain points

Our success comes from being great listeners, being approachable, and being accountable. We help thousand of business professionals across canada. 


we create the optimal plan

Each client has a specialized plan to fit their specific needs and budget. There’s no “one size fits all”. We are seasoned pro’s and build lasting relationships.


We deliver best-in-class protection

Our service in anchored by global award-wining technology. Alexio Defender uses automation and machine learning to keep your systems running smooth and secure.

Reduce Downtime & Increase Security

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