How to Protect your Practice from Automated Cyber-Attacks

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The cyber-attacks on your practice are automated. So why isn’t your security?

These days most cyber-attacks and data theft is facilitated through automated attacks. The most prominent way we experience them is through phishing attempts in email.

Despite user awareness training, antivirus, and firewalls, the bad stuff is still finding its way in.

Ransomware has evolved, even hiding in the RAM of our computers, and the costs are soaring. Automated attacks mean that cyber criminals can send thousands of attacks simultaneously and just wait for the hits.

The dilemma for dental and medical practices is that robust cyber-security products are not priced or designed for networks that small. The price tags are in the tens of thousands and hiring security professionals to manage them are way out of the budgets of most private healthcare practices.

Healthcare practices rely heavily on digital connectivity. A solution was needed to defend against external and internal threats and address the budgetary restrictions of smaller healthcare practice networks.

Alexio™ Defender is a single solution cyber-security and compliance suite developed in Markham Ontario by Alexio Corporation. Alexio™ leverages automation and machine-learning to constantly monitor and maintain practice system security and keep them compliant with privacy regulations for electronic health records.  Dentists, physicians, and other healthcare providers benefit by having their data kept safe at an affordable monthly cost.

How’s your security and compliance? Take our quiz today.

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