For Immediate Release: September 25, 2019

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Toronto, Canada (September 25, 2019) – Canadian cyber-security firm Alexio Corporation calls on all Canadians to get serious about data security at home and at work during October’s cyber-security awareness month. 

Alexio is pleased to announce they have partnered with InfoSec, the leading provider of IT security education and workforce security awareness training. Alexio will begin offering reasonably-priced, pre-packaged cyber-security training programs designed specifically for healthcare practices and the IT providers who support them.  

These will be available starting October 1, 2019 – to kick off National Cyber-Security Awareness Month – and will be designed by certified privacy and security professionals, reflecting the latest intelligence and trends in cyber-crime. 

CEO Anne Genge explains, “Personal Health Information is especially at risk. There are already OVER 1 billion health records for sale on the dark web, and the same for other sensitive information. Unlike credit cards, which can be cancelled, health data contains all the most sensitive personal details about a person. Once it’s out on the web for public consumption, it can’t be pulled back.” 

“Technology has changed the nature of privacy, and what worked previously is no longer enough to keep you and your family safe from cyber-crime. The terrifying truth is that 92% of breaches are a result of human error. The good news is that this can be remediated with simple training.” 

“In speaking with our customers and other small business owners, we’ve realized that many are concerned with their online security and their ability to keep patient and customer information safe. These healthcare practices businesses haven’t had the resources to provide staff with proper training, mainly because it doesn’t yet exist for the specifically for SMB sector.” 

Recently, Alexio began making micro-training available for free to anyone who signs up, with the goal of trying to help healthcare workers be better prepared. This move comes in the wake of an unprecedented number of ransomware attacks so far in 2019. 

Alexio’s focus on training has come as a result of recognizing that many people and businesses aren’t even aware of the risks, and that we are all made more vulnerable because of this critical lack of awareness at a societal level. Anne describes this as her “life’s mission” – to help all walks of life understand the inherent risks in storing and sharing information online, and give them the tools to survive safely. 

Alexio Corporation is a training and software solution specifically for healthcare practices to provide enterprise-class cyber-security protection. See for more information. 

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