For Immediate Release: December 13, 2019

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Contact: Catherine Chan

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Toronto, Canada (December 13, 2019) – Alexio Corporation is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with 4MedPlus Corporation, the leading provider of accredited online education in health information technology and security compliance. Through this new partnership, Alexio will be able to provide access to online self-paced training on important topics such as Cybersecurity for IT providers, Ransomware Prevention, and Payment Card Security Standards.

Healthcare information and patient data have become prime targets for hackers. Incidents of data breach, malware and ransomware multiply daily with the most common penetration point at the system user level. Awareness and prevention education regarding best protective practices is understood industry wide, as the first line of defense against devastating data attacks.

“We are excited to be able to work with Alexio as we expand our partnerships in the security services sector,” said Wendy Whitmore, Chief Learning Officer for 4MedPlus. “Our two companies are perfectly aligned to address the growing need for comprehensive security awareness education in the healthcare community. Our goal is to work with Alexio’s team to support a targeted training initiative for IT staff and healthcare clients to protect patient health information and sensitive medical data.”

“Education and training is an integral part of any healthcare practice,” adds Anne Genge, “whether that looks like new developments in patient care, new standards for infection control, or it could be learning to protect your investment in your business by championing best practices for data handling. We’re proud that we’re one of Canada’s leading cyber-security companies because we prioritize cyber-training for healthcare personnel and the IT companies that service them.”

About 4MedPlus:

4MedPlus, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, was launched nearly a decade ago to meet the educational needs of busy healthcare industry professionals, and providers across the medical continuum. The unique accredited modular method, delivered through self-paced online programs, allows learners to meet critical training and compliance requirements, while continuing to focus on their core business or practice.

About Alexio:

Alexio is a leader in data security software and training solutions to healthcare practices across Canada. As healthcare grows increasingly dependent on the digital environment, cyber-security becomes exponentially more difficult. Protection of patient data is not only law, it’s imperative for business success and reputation. Alexio and its management team are genuinely passionate about the need – and urgency – to educate people about protecting their personal information. They work tirelessly to reach out across the healthcare industry and ensure that best practices are established and championed in order to keep patient healthcare data as safe as possible.

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