PRODUCT LAUNCH: Alexio InSight: The Solution to IT Support in Isolation

How do you get IT security for home workers and on-site IT support without a physical technician? Global award-winning Alexio Corporation has the fix.

At a time when a majority of the world is working from
home, and many healthcare practices only remain open in order to treat
emergencies, IT security, support, and expenses still need to be addressed.

In a recent article in Cyber Defense Magazine, Alexio Corporation’s
CEO Anne Genge revealed how mastering automation has made her company a leader in robust yet affordable IT security and support.

Alexio’s InSight technology is a game-changer in remote IT support. The sophisticated monitoring and automated platform provides real-time reporting on system and application health, security, and even has an auto-fix feature. This, combined with the ability of their technicians to utilize the user’s cell phone camera securely as part of troubleshooting, means that up to 91% of IT issues can be resolved in real-time, and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional IT support. 

Alexio InSight means that healthcare providers are able to reduce and control how often an IT technician needs to physically come on-site.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time,” says Anne Genge, CEO. “Many of our clients haven’t needed a technician inside their office in years. One of our core values is to empower users to resolve their own issues. Our technicians speak ‘human,’ and always endeavor to teach members of healthcare teams to be resourceful and confident about resolving their own issues. 

Why? Because healthcare often can’t wait for IT support, especially given the pandemic. And, even now wile offices are opening up, they can’t have technician’s on site becasue of new infection control protocols and limited PPE. IT techs simply are not trained to understand and navigate these things.

What they need is need robust security, but at a price they can afford. Healthcare practices and other small businesses using Alexio save up to 67% on their IT costs each year, even before factoring in time saved. It really adds up.

Our solution is available to dentists, physicians, psychologists,
psychiatrists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other healthcare
professionals. Additionally, we cater to other professions with sensitive data such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners, real estate, and small business owners who need to protect customer and client data.

‘Work from home’ is the new normal – at least for a while –
and Alexio is Canada’s gold standard.

Alexio Defender addresses the 6 Pillars of system/user security so you can feel safe about your business and team wherever they are
working from.

  1. Secure & monitor the computer + user
  2. Secure & monitor the network connection
  3. Secure & monitor the remote access and file transfer
  4. Secure, audit-able support for the user
  5. Create clear policies & procedures
  6. Training & compliance

More information about Alexio Corporation is available at

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