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Canadian Dentists Combat Ransomware Using Automation

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While the rest of the world continues to ‘reel’ over out of date systems, human error, and ransomware infections, many Canadian dentists & other healthcare providers are relaxed and enjoy ‘peace of mind’ that their patient data and practice systems are safe.

A security suite designed specifically for dental and medical practices, provides continuous security prevention, monitoring, and validation using a robot.

Bullet-proof Equals Peace of Mind

Alexio™ Defender, launched in 2015, has quickly become the most affordable and reliable method of keeping these healthcare systems bulletproofed from many of the threats arising from neglect, budget constraints, and lack of experienced ‘IT support’.

Alexio™ Defender leverages automation, machine-learning, and an integration of monitoring, intrusion prevention, and intrusion detection systems to protect electronic health information 24-7-365.

Complete, and Yet Affordable for a Small Business or Practice

At a cost of just $14.99/mo., dental and medical professionals find it an easy, affordable way to keep their practices safe.

Alexio™ Defender is available in Canada through Alexio Corporation: Healthcare Compliance Network Inc, who specialize in privacy and security solutions for healthcare private practices.

More information:  https://getalexio.com/system-security/