Cyber-Security Assessment

Worried about ransomware and data loss?

As a healthcare practice or small business, your data is the most crucial aspect of your business. If it gets compromised, it can cause office downtime, cost thousands to fix, cause permanent damage to your reputation, plus you could be faced with fines  or class action lawsuits due to privacy and security compliance issues. 

90% of small businesses have security holes. Do you know yours?
* Actual risk assessment data 2015-2019


Small businesses and Healthcare practices need cyber-security specialization. Not all IT companies have certified professionals or the access to specialized solutions they would need to identify, prevent, and remediate the challenges posed by today’s cyber-criminals. At Alexio, we find your security blind spots and provide consultation with a certified privacy and security professional to help you understand your results and how to fix them.


Can your staff defend your business against cyber-attacks? Book a meeting with one of our Certified Cyber-Security coaches to find out where you stand.

What is a Security Risk Assessment?

A security risk assessment is a tool that allows you to find out where your systems (and people) are creating a technology risk for your practice.

Using our third-party software-based assessment, you will be provided with a deep-dive, unbiased report of the important parameters of all your computer systems and network.

Our assessment probes hundreds of parameters within your systems & network and produces an easy-to-understand comprehensive report on potential threats to your system, including recommendations for fixing them. An experienced Healthcare Security Professional will discuss the findings with you to present the information in an understandable way and answer any questions that you have. (For PC ONLY, MAC coming soon.)

You are then able to share this information with your IT company to have them close the gaps and vulnerabilities in your systems help bulletproof your data. A third-party assessment is the only way to ensure that ‘blind-spots’ are corrected. It is not good enough to simply have people evaluate their own work.


Benefits of an Alexio™ Inspector Security Risk Assessment

When we perform a security risk assessment, we provide a complete 360 analysis of your system both from external threats as well as internal flaws and vulnerabilities. The goal is to find out where the holes and weaknesses are, so they can be properly secured.

Who Needs a Risk Assessment?

Alexio™ Inspector was specifically designed for healthcare practices to determine their security flaws and provide recommendations on how to fix them. Even if you have an IT company currently monitoring your network, our 3rd party assessment will allow you to see how well they’ve protected you and identified blind-spots. Now we also perform risk assessmnets for all types of small business who want to know how to ensure they’re keeping their data safe from ransomware, hacking, data theft, and employee mistakes. 

If you are a private healthcare practice that handles any electronic personal health information, then you need to know that your data is protected. A risk assessment is actually required by law in most provinces on an annual basis to prove that you are taking the proper precautions to secure your patient data.

We have performed our risk assessments for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and many other healthcare practices.

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