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With over 200+ micro-training topics, Alexio has Canada's largest bank of micro-training topics for the healthcare industry.
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Whether it's for regulatory compliance, insurance standards, or to protect your own business interests, it's time to take information security seriously.

3 Steps to Cyber Confidence


Take the 45 minute
Cerificate course

Get easy focused security awareness training for your team. Just 45 minutes gives them the foundation to protect your data. A new certificate is issued each calendar year.


Watch the 2 Minute Weekly
Micro Trainings

New content every week that keeps up with the new threats your team needs to know about. Get access to our award-winning bank of micro-training topics!


Continuously build knowledge.
be secure. be compliant.

Just sign-up your team and we do the rest. Our award-winning program helps you defend your data and stay compliant.
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It's a new world. You're going to need proof of training.

Your insurance company is likely to require proof of security awareness training. Privacy laws and regulatory colleges all mandate security awareness training too. Of course everyone needs training, but how do you deliver training that really sticks? It can’t be boring and it has to be ongoing, or people forget the concepts. In the case of computer security, organizations have a lot at stake. They can’t risk someone slipping up and allowing a hacker to vaporize their business or healthcare practice in seconds. Alexio solves the problem with engaging continuous automated training. Each year participants receive a fresh certificate for proof of compliance.

Investing just 2 minutes per week builds cyber resilience.

What Will You Learn?

“43% of employees lack regular security awareness training.”


Start Defending Your Data Today

2021 Alexio Foundations+ Pricing

Foundations Basic also available - Ask for Quote
$ 99
99 Per Year*
  • *Per Person Paid Annually / Multi License Pricing Available
  • Annual Foundations Training Course
  • Printable Certificate for Proof of Compliance
  • 52 Weeks of Micro - Training
  • Monthly Security Newsletter
  • 200+ Additional Micro-Learning Modules

All plans renew annually and deliver fresh up-to-date content

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who is this training designed for?

This training is for everyone who works with computers and data. Everyone needs help to build cyber defense skills while working online. We make it easy with out engaging videos, case studies, and micro-learning approach.

Is this training a legal requirement ?

Federally and provincially (depending on your sector), there are guidelines which outline the need for security awarenss training to meet your compliance requirements. You can see which ones apply to you by checking with your professional college or association, as well as visiting the Privacy Laws Lookup page.

What is the cost? Are there price breaks for bulk purchase ?

Get continuous training year-round for just $99.99 per year per person. For teams with more than 5 members there are price breaks. Get a quote today. 

We also have a unique Cybersecurity Program which provides training, risk management, cybersecurity policy templates, breach response templates, and more. See it here.

What is micro-training?

Understanding even the basic concepts of cybersecurity is challenging for most people. Microlearning reduces the potential for mental fatigue by focusing the brain to learn one thing quickly and then take a break. We deliver one new concept each week, allowing you to grasp and implement things a bit at a time, dramatically increasing your retention.

Virtual Privacy & Security Programs

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