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It's time to say no to boring training

We just won a global award for our next-gen cybersecurity training. Of course everyone needs training, but how do you deliver training that really sticks? It can’t be boring and it has to be ongoing, or people forget the concepts. In the case of computer security, small businesses have a lot at stake. They can’t risk someone slipping up and allowing a hacker to vaporize their business in seconds. Alexio solves the problem with engaging continuous automated training and risk monitoring. Read on to learn more.

Winner: Next-Gen Cybersecurity Education

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Alexio Security Foundations

Learn Basic Cyber-Defense Tactics and Get your Certificate of Compliance

45 minutes

Get easy focussed security awareness training for your team. Just 45 minutes gives them the foundation to protect your business data.

easy online

Just sign-up your team and we do the rest. Follow up via your dashboard if you want to track their progress, or monitor ongoing risk by upgrading to Alexio Essentials

annual certificate

New content each year that keeps up with the new threats your team needs to know about. Get a new certificate each year to prove compliance.

bootcamp basics

Our global award-winning team and partners have created the best way to learn security awareness quickly. Start arming your team today.

What Will Your Team Learn?

The Alexio Foundations Certification arms you and your team with the tools you need to avoid becoming a victim of hacking, scams, ransomware, data theft and other online threats. 

“43% of employees lack regular security awareness training.”


We're the Leader in Next-Gen Cyber-Education

"We are proud to have won 2 Global Infosec awards in 2020. This year Alexio's unique automated security awareness training program is nominated for another Global Infosec Award for SMB Education excellence. Training that is continuous is absolutely critical in today's business world as everyone is connected online."
Anne Genge
CEO, Director of Privacy & Security Education

Upgrade to monthly automated training

Alexio Essentials

Monthly Micro-training - Works on All Devices - Learn on the go!

Human error is one of the biggest risks to your business data.

93% of Small Businesses don't have the security policies and training required by most laws and guidelines.

Cyber criminals hack humans first, and then your systems, so training and written policies are critical elements for prevention.

With over 20 years experience training team members, we've learned that 'one and done' training doesn't work. We are experts at delivering training that works and sticks, so your team are confident defenders of your business data.

Get peace of mind with Our easy automated privacy & security program

Continuously Monitor Risk

Easily Monitor and Mitigate Employee Risk


2 minute bite-sized learning is delivered weekly, keeping your team on top of understanding current online security threats


With each weekly micro-training is a 2-3 question quiz to ensure engagement and understanding of the current concepts


Know your risk. The manager dashboard will show you who presents the greatest risk to your business based on engagement with the training.

It's Easy

The easiest way to create and manage privacy and data security in your healthcare practice or small business. 

This program can be done yourself or you can have one of our friendly expert coaches manage this for you. 

Set Your Policies

Get all your policies in place using our easy templates and get staff buy-in. Our easy system organizes and enables tracking of policy acknowledgement.

Train Your Team

The easy weekly bite-sized micro training continuously trains and tests your team on cyber-threats, scams, and online risks. This keeps data security front and centre.

Maintain Compliance

All proof of training, policies, procedures, and incident management plans are stored in a centralized portal making it easy be compliant and prove it should you have a breach.  

Choose your plan

Sign up and get started today – For individuals, and for teams.

Foundations Course

Foundations Course for Individuals
$ 7
99 Per month*
  • *Paid Annually
  • 1 Account
  • Annual Online Course
  • Comprehension Test
  • PDF Certificate

Foundations Course

Foundations Course for Teams
$ 58
33 Per month*
  • *Paid Annually
  • Up to 20 Accounts
  • Custom Branded Portal
  • Annual Online Course
  • Comprehension Test
  • PDF Certificate

Essentials Program

Essesentials Training for Teams
$ 141
67 Per Month*
  • *Paid Annually
  • Up to 20 Accounts
  • Everything from Foundations
  • Weekly Micro-training via Email
  • Dark-Web Breach Monitoring
  • Policy & Procedure Templates
  • Monthly Security Newsletter
Best Value

All plans renew annually and deliver fresh up-to-date content

Would you like more information before committing? Maybe you don’t see a plan that fits?

Virtual Privacy & Security Programs

Why not have a certified expert work with you?

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