Cyber-Security Awareness Training

Hacking & Phishing - Can Your Team Defend Your Data?

  • 99% of the phishing attacks observed in 2019 by Proofpoint email provider required human interaction to succeed.

  • 58% of people click emails from unknown senders regularly. (Webroot 2020)

  • At least 25% admit they use personal devices for work, which are 2x as likely to get infected as business devices. (Webroot 2020)

  • 74% of people don’t back up their data to ensure its recoverable in the event of a cyberattack. (Webroot 2020)

Cyber criminals hack humans first, and then your systems so training is critical.

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Free Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Increased cyber-threats have put healthcare, small businesses, and work-from-home employees at risk. We're here to help. Until further notice, our Cybersecureity Awareness Base Course is FREE. Get the knowledge you need to defend your data. Sign up today.

Protect Your Business Data With the
Alexio Security Awareness Training Program.

What Will Your Team Learn?

Why is Cyber-Security Training so Important?

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