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Canada's First and Only Online
Dental Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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  • Breach prevention training designed specifically for dental teams
  • Online, on-demand, any device
  • Fast – Just 33 minutes online + quiz + learning resource download
  • Easy, understandable examples and case studies
  • Certificate of completion for proof of compliance 
  •  Designed and delivered by Canada’s leading dental trainer Anne Genge, CIPP/C, CHCSP, CHCRAS

It's a new world. Get proof of training.

Your insurance company is likely to require proof of security awareness training. Privacy laws and regulatory colleges all mandate security awareness training too. Of course everyone needs training, but how do you deliver training that really sticks? It can’t be boring and it has to be ongoing, or people forget the concepts. In the case of computer security, organizations have a lot at stake. They can’t risk someone slipping up and allowing a hacker to vaporize their business or healthcare practice in seconds. 

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