Alexio Defender™

The easy way to get real computer security working for you

Alexio Defender™ with RansomGUARD™ for PC's

With advanced ransomware protection, Alexio™ Defender is an award-winning turn-key software subscription service that automates system security, leverages machine-learning, and provides 24/7 protection and monitoring for your computer systems. 

Award-Winning Security Technology


Layers of automated security protection plus 50 extra safeguards to protect from ransomware, system failure, and human error – for your peace of mind.

Award-Winning Computer Maintenance

alexio continuouse maintenance

Alexio Defender leverages automation for both the security & the maintenance of PC’s. This has eaned Alexio 3 Global Infosec Awards.

Award-Winning Proof and Reporting

Policy Templates

Is security really working for you if you don’t have proof? Alexio provides daily reporting that security is enabled and working to protect your business.

Why is Alexio Defender better than antivirus?

Todays cyber threats go way beyond what can be managed with simple antivirus. Protecting personal information, business data, and being compliant means you need a cybersecurity program and that can be hard on a small business budget so at Alexio we develop and deliver award-winning automated solutions in a subscription model so you can have access to enterprise-class cybersecurity at price you can afford.  Inquire today about how you can protect your business.

New Ransomware Protection Added

What is RansomGUARD™ ?

Alexio™ Defender with RansomGUARD™ technology detects, identifies and isolates ransomware outbreaks.

RansomGUARD™ is the last line of defense against ransomware and is designed to shut down and isolate a system at the moment it’s infected. This technology can prevent ransomware from spreading to other computers on a network, and in many cases ensure that valuable server data is spared from being encrypted or exfiltrated.

Alexio - Benefits of Automation

Leading Technology

Alexio uses global leading in security automation for the protection of computers and computer users. Alexio Defender with RANSOMguard specialized technology has won global awards.

Automated Maintenance

We offer award-winning automation that applies maintenance items as needs, keeping systems and major applications up to date which means you're safer and have less glitches.

Continuous Security

With over 50 extra safeguards, Alexio offers a multi-layered approach to security. Antivirus is just one component. We go well beyond, using machine learning, AI, and automation to help secure your systems continuously.

Security Reporting

The Alexio team believes that if you can't report on it, it's not reliable. Alexio provides daily proof that security measures are in place, and can alert when things aren't right.

Employee Training

Alexio founded Canada's first Healthcare & Small Business CyberSchool. Get training for your team, managers, and IT providers who support you. We have automated and live training options by Canada's leading Privacy & Security Educators

Peace of Mind

Alexio is Canalda's leader in small business cybersecurity management and training. We have award-winning technology and award-winning experts. We're ready to partner with you to give you peace of mind that security is working for you.

How Alexio™ Defender Works

Leveraging automation, machine-learning, and multi-layered security threat intelligence, Alexio™ Defender continuously scans the systems and major applications to defend against internal and external threats. The software has specific ransomware protection, as well as content blocking and filtering settings. Alerts are sent when possible intrusions or threats are present. The system is fully automated with real-time security diagnostics occurring 24/7.

Alexio™ Defender also performs security patch updating and maintenance to protect operating systems from vulnerabilities and intrusion attempts. The software is not only able to proactively self-diagnose, but – in many instances – it will also self-repair, which eliminates crucial downtime.

Why Your Antivirus is Not Enough to Protect you Today

Today’s cyber attacks are automated and sophisticated. You need to fight them with more than just a cheap antivirus program. Alexio goes way beyond antivirus, monitoring, and security maintenance. Alexio Defender now includes Advanced intrusion prevention and detection systems, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and automated system maintenance to prevent ransomware, hacking, and data theft.

Alexio Defender goes even further with advanced ransomware protection and over 50 specialized security control to prevent users from making big mistakes online, and working with your data.

Secure Your Business With Automation

Todays businesses, no matter how small they are, need protection from cyber-criminals. Let us help you defend your data.

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