System Security

Stop ransomware, hacking, and data loss with
Alexio's award-winning security automation.

Does this sound like you?

  • Worried about hackers, ransomware, and viruses?
  • Lost production due to network downtime?
  • Crashes & slow/unpredictable network
  • Worried about staff behaviour on your systems?
  • Wondering “am I actually secure?”
  • On-going emergency IT bills?
Office down-time and IT recovery costs from ransomware, viruses, and data theft can cost you thousands of dollars a year. Businesses and healthcare practices must also protect themselves from employee errors, fraud and sabotage, not to mention having to deal with the headache of compliance with government regulations for privacy and security.

There are solutions, at a fraction of the cost of traditional IT using Alexio Defender automation.

90% of healthcare practices have holes in the security of their computer systems – or in some cases, have no security at all. (HCN security assessment results data 2014-2017)


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Here's the Smartest Way to Secure Your Data

With advanced ransomware protection, Alexio™ Defender is a turn-key software subscription service that automates system security, leverages machine-learning, and provides 24/7 protection and monitoring for your computer systems. 

Layers of security protection from ransomware, system failure, and human error – for your peace of mind.


24/7 automated monitoring and updates to help ensure that you are HIPAA / PIPEDA / PHIPA / PHIA compliant.


Alerts you when security or performance issues arise, fixes them proactively, and mediates disasters and downtime so you can focus on running your practice.

Not only are you protected, Alexio™ Defender flattens your IT costs and helps avoid emergency bills, making it affordable for any healthcare practice.

Why Your Antivirus is Not Enough to Protect you Today

Today’s cyber attacks are automated and sophisticated. You need to fight them with more than just a cheap antivirus progra. Alexio goes way beyond antivirus, monitoring, and security maintenance. Alexio Defender now includes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and automated system maintenance to keep your PC to prevent ransomware, hacking, and data theft.

Why is EDR Crucial?

EDR is crucial because according to Webroot data, 93% of all malware seen in 2018 was polymorphic, meaning it presented as unique each time, evading traditional antivirus software. This means that the practice of protecting computers based on traditional methods has outlived its usefulness. For such a system to work, updates would need to be pushed out almost ceaselessly, bogging down devices, costing an enormous amount of funds to manage, and mangling the user experience.

Instead, with a platform based on cloud-based machine learning architecture – like Alexio with the integrated Webroot® Platform – threats can be identified as they hit the device, and all cloud-connected devices can be protected against the new threat in as little as a few minutes.

How it Works

Leveraging automation, machine-learning, and multi-layered security threat intelligence, Alexio™ Defender continuously scans the systems and major applications to defend against internal and external threats. The software has specific ransomware protection, as well as content blocking and filtering settings. Alerts are sent when possible intrusions or threats are present. The system is fully automated with real-time security diagnostics occurring 24/7.

Alexio™ Defender also performs security patch updating and maintenance to protect operating systems from vulnerabilities and intrusion attempts. The software is not only able to proactively self-diagnose, but – in many instances – it will also self-repair, which eliminates crucial downtime.

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