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3 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Practice’s ‘IT’

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What are the 3 things you’re doing wrong with your practice’s ‘IT’?

  1. Spending too much
  2. Putting up with downtime
  3. Not properly addressing cyber-security

Over 90% of Healthcare Practices have holes in their security and suffer immense downtime from glitches, viruses, inappropriate access, and human error. This all translates to hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars of loss annually. There’s a new way to relieve yourself of this, using a software tool designed specifically for healthcare practices. 

Alexio™ Defender continuously scans the systems and major applications to defend against internal and external threats. The software has specific ransomware protection as well as content-blocking and filtering settings. Alerts are sent when possible intrusions or threats are present. The system is fully automated with real-time diagnostics occurring 24/7.

Alexio™ Defender also performs security patch updating and maintenance to protect operating systems from vulnerabilities and intrusion attempts. The software is not only able to proactively self-diagnose but, in many instances, it will also self-repair which eliminates crucial downtime.

As a healthcare practice, your patient data is the most crucial aspect of your business. That’s why so many healthcare practice owners rely on Alexio Defender, a robot that leverages automation to monitor and secure patient and practice data.

Watch here to see how  Alexio Defender will affordably bulletproof your practice and provide affordable peace of mind.