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The Alexio team have been providing professional managed IT services and cybersecurity solutions to healthcare and small business since 2001. In the past 2 decades we’ve become trusted advisors, speakers, and mentors to thousands of healthcare professionals and small business owners.  We are frequent contibutors to national association publications and trade journals, and maintain a 5 star rating on Google.



We take education seriously, investing in our people so they have the best knowledge possible to protect our clients. All our account managers have professional certifications



Alexio has won multiple awards for IT security, IT management, and cybersecurity education. 2020 highlights include 2 Global Cybersecurity Awards. (CDM Infosec awards)



At the heart of our people and our core values is to be helpful. We create and maintain long-term relationships by just “doing the right thing”, no matter the situation.

“You can't go wrong doing right.”


See how our client Dr. Rob Joseph uses Alexio to secure and maintain his practice computer systems. This video was produced by CDA OasisDiscussions. 

HIGHLY RECOMMEND: After being attacked by ransomware and being down for 3 days, I wanted a complete investigation and plan to prevent future disasters. Anne and her team gave my office a complete assessment, and we started with Alexio™. Things have really settled down and I feel confident that we are better secured. Highly recommend this company.
Dentist Practice Owner
Toronto, ON

HIGHLY RECOMMEND: It’s very comforting knowing they are always there to help us. The new software Alexio™ really works. We know its working to fix and prevent problems. We like the reporting. It’s amazing how it can just do the maintenance without even having someone in the office. This is important to us. We recommend to all dental offices.
Dentist Dental Office
Ottawa, ON

Listen to this podcast about dental practice cyber-security including 2 amazing Alexio clients. One tells the story of his battle with ransomware before he became an Alexio client.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND: One of our dentists came back from a seminar at ODA last month, where he learned about PHIPA and the RCDSO privacy laws. We were happy to see that we could check a number of items off our list since we had been dealing with Alexio™ since 2014. I am impressed with their solutions and feel safe that we are protecting our patients.
Office Manager Dental Office
Toronto, ON

HIGHLY RECOMMEND: After installing Alexio™ we notice things run smoother, emergency computer problems no longer happen, and our expenses went down. We like the daily reports as they prove to us that things are secure. I recommend their services.
Office Manager Medical Office
Scarborough, ON

Industry Kudos

“Alexio Corporation embodies three major features the judges look for to become winners: understanding tomorrow’s threats today, providing a cost-effective solution and innovating unexpected ways that can help stop the next breach,”Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

Industry Kudos

“With cybercrime heading into the tens of billions of records stolen and potentially trillions of dollars in damages, we are proud to recognize Anne Genge as an award-winning innovator that offers a new approach to defeat these criminals,”
Pierlugi Paganini, editor-in-chief, Cyber Defense Magazine

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